National Packaging Design Day May 7th

National Packaging Design Day on May 7th each year celebrates the art of packaging design as well as design professionals. The global design community and those appreciative of beautiful, well-crafted packaging finally have a day of their own to recognize creative talents by sharing inspiring designs and exchanging ideas. The day also encourages an awareness of the craftsmanship behind the package.


We are living in the golden age of packaging, and the packaging is now much more than a means to protect a product or display a name. It’s not just what’s on the shelf that matters anymore, but the unveiling process as well. 

The layers, the textures, the moment of anticipation before seeing the product. People may not think of the packaging designers when purchasing a product or while opening a gift, but they exist, orchestrating the process from sketch to shelf.


HOW TO OBSERVE #PackagingDesignDay

Check out Design Packaging’s Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the day and share the packaging you love. Here are other ways to celebrate the day:

  • Judge a book by its cover. Packaging design goes into publishing, too. What makes you pick up a certain book?
  • Study a creative packaging design. What caught your eye?
  • Practice what you see. Incorporate elements of packaging design into your own design practices.

Give a shout-out to an inspiring designer with #PackagingDesignDay.

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