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CBD – For a Happier Life.

Sustainably source in small batches with the highest quality of ingredients available.
We Promise
Always Natural
We aim for all our products to be as natural and pure as possible. Our cubes include no chemicals, parabens or perfume.
We Guarantee
Always Authentic
We’ve seen and felt the impact of the modern commerce industry. We’re choosing natural over industrial chemicals, allergens and perfumes.

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100% Natural | Hemp Extract Products

Dopemary manufactures verified premium Hemp products. Including hemp oils and hemp gummies ✓ Browse our hemp store and buy hemp oil easily ✓ All our Hemp products are lab tested and have a QR code as we aim to set the new industry standard and reassure our customers about the integrity of what we bring to market.

Natural and organic is the future as we know it. Since 2017, we've been providing super high quality hemp products all across the U.S. What really makes us different though is our community. We love hearing about our products and we actively change the formula based on your feedback.

“The groundwork for all happiness is health.”- Leigh Hunt