Bakester's Pro's and Con's of Edibles Vs. Smoking Cannabis

Whether you are an old consumer, who is weighing potential options or someone who is new to cannabis, knowing the difference between how various products might affect you is important. With so many exciting methods of ingestion to consider, many anxious customers make spur of the moment decisions resulting in a less than desirable experience.

Here we will focus on the two most commonly used methods, including smoking and edibles. Both of which contain marijuana plant materials or extracts, and provide very different results in terms of effects, health impacts/benefits, additives, and processing.




What are edibles?

Edibles can take nearly any form and might include hot or cold drinks, alcohol, desserts, snacks, side dishes, or main courses. Any recipe that allows for a cannabis-infused version of a base ingredient to be used as a replacement can be turned into a cannabis edible. 


Consumers that choose to smoke cannabis may do so using dry herb, hash, or a combination of bud grind and marijuana concentrates using tools like rolling papers, bongs, or weed pipes to consume the smoke-filled with cannabinoids.

The difference in the effects of edibles vs smoking

While there is much debate as to why edibles and smoking seem to affect consumers in entirely different ways. Edibles, regardless of their strength tend to have much more potent and often intoxicating effects when compared to those from smoking. Hence the reason why dry herb is so often recommended for beginner consumers, as edibles are most likely to result in an intense buzz that can last for several hours.

From 2012 to 2016, only 9% of marijuana-linked ER visits to the University of Colorado Hospital related to edibles. However, 18% of these individuals suffered symptoms such as psychosis and anxiety, compared to 11% of people who smoked it.

Suddenly, the issue is far from being cut and dried. In this article, we check out the possible health risks and benefits associated with inhaling and ingesting cannabis. We include vaping along with smoking in the ‘inhalation’ category. Ingesting weed relates to eating or drinking it.


Bakester's- Pro's-and-Con's-of-Edibles-Vs.-Smoking-Cannabis


Edibles vs smoking - Which one is better?

Ultimately the decision of which one is better will depend on individual needs and preferences, as both smoking cannabis and edibles offer a unique experience that serves many different purposes. To help you to decide, we will leave you with a helpful list of the pros and cons of each one.



  • Available for purchase in perfect measured doses
  • Easy to make
  • Affordable to recreate
  • More potent buzz
  • Long-lasting/time released effect
  • Taste great
  • No adverse effects on the lungs


  • Expensive to purchase
  • An uncomfortable experience may be prolonged
  • Difficult to measure when making from scratch
  • Effects take longer to kick in than smoking
  • Higher potential for overconsumption



  • Fast-acting
  • Affordable
  • Easy to grow product
  • Lighter, more easily controlled effects


  • Short lasting
  • May cause lung irritation
  • Not as strong as edibles
  • May cause coughing

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