How To Choose The Right CBD Products For You.

Two of the most popular CBD-containing products to have appeared on the market are CBD oil and CBD hemp flowers. Both have their pros and cons, but which is right for you? Find out when to use CBD Oil and when CBD Hemp Flowers.

Choosing the right delivery system is VERY important when deciding how often (frequency) you need to take the CBD. Smoking, vaping, sublingual, edibles or cream, learn how to choose the right delivery system.


The Different Types of CBD Products

Once you have asked yourself the questions mentioned above, you can now dig into the hat for the option that is not only best but fitting for your lifestyle.

CBD Tinctures

tincture is CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD dissolved in alcohol, MCT fractioned coconut oil, hemp seed oil, or essential oils. A tincture of cannabidiol can be developed at home or store bought. The CBD oil extract is combined with natural oils and sprinkled with a little flavor. Hemp on its own is quite interesting to say the least. The addition of natural flavoring helps solves this problem by minimizing the natural and earthy taste associated with hemp.

This CBD product comes in a little bottle fastened with a dropper or spray bottle top. By using a dropper, this allows specific amounts of the tincture to be administered in accurate doses. The dropper also gives you the freedom to gradually increase your dosage as needed without going overboard.

To help with your dosage, tinctures typically come with serving instructions on the bottle. One can deviate from the suggestions as needed, but make sure its gradually.

CBD side-effects have not been conclusively studied, but current reports indicate only mild effects. However, care should always be observed.

To use a tincture, you will simply suck the liquid into the dropper and then place it under your tongue. Which is where your sublingual glands are located.

You should then hold the liquid in your mouth for up to 90 seconds or as long as desired. This delivers the element directly into the blood stream through your sublingual glands. CBD tinctures are fast acting since the liquid bypasses the digestion system.

The administration instructions are fairly simple, and the overal administration of a CBD tincture is extremely easy and convenient. It is only a drop of flavored (or naturally flavored) liquid. If you are a person that experiences a difficulty swallowing, this consumption method will not be hindered by that.

Furthermore, the same tincture can also be infused in your favorite beverages to further help mask the taste. Simply drop the tincture into your cup of afternoon tea or mid morning juice. The cannabidiol will then be ingested and take longer to act since it has to passes through the digestive tract. Nonetheless, it will act.

Cannabidiol Edibles

CBD can be served to pretty much any recipe you can imagine. One can choose to infuse CBD in a cookie, cake or even pizza.

But if you are looking for a cook free option, you can choose to buy readymade CBD edibles. Anything from chocolates to gummy bears.

Before purchasing, one should be careful not to be duped. When purchasing online it’s important that you make sure to only buy CBD edibles from authentic and proven manufacturers that use only hemp derived CBD oil.

With the use of CBD edibles that are infused with hemp derived cannabidiol oil, you can experience the lightness of body without being high.

The effects of cannabidiol may take a little longer to occur but remain in play for longer. This is in comparison with other forms of CBD consumption like vaping.

Edibles are useful in management of eating disorders. This option serves two purposes. It delivers nutrients and calories into the body while keeping nausea at a minimum.

Pricing on CBD edibles varies. It is determined by the overall concentration of cannabidiol, an edible with a total of 250mg of CBD will be more expensive than an edible with 100mg.

Pricing can also be determined by the complexity of the manufacturing process. Some edible manufacturing companies target vegetarians while others focus on infusing treats. One can spend as much as they can afford on their CBD snack of choice.

CBD Topicals


This category of CBD products are topical cannabidiol consumption avenues. The list includes lotions, creams, and balms.

More recently, patches were added to that list. These work by providing relief directly to the affected area. This alternative is not meant to deliver CBD into the blood stream, it’s only meant to access the receptors.

In July of 2016, a group of scientists at the University of Kentucky afflicted rats with arthritis. They then applied CBD gel to the joints. The result was improved mobility and almost no joint swelling. The rats also seemed to be in great neurological health. This may have been a study on mice but it gives hope for using CBD in human pain management.

Reports have indicated massive benefits for the skin, especially since cannabidiol is an antibacterial. This protects your skin from germs that could cause damage of any kind.

Cannabidiol also delivers proteins, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins to help keep your skin nourished and healthy.

CBD topicals also act as guards against UV rays and environmental pollutants such as smoke. All these come together to keep the elastin and collagen of the skin intact. The result is a more youthful look!

The lotion might work for one but not for another, but the same goes for the other CBD topical products.

What one needs to do is go through trial and error until an option that works is found. These products are well scented. One should not worry about walking around smelling like herbs. 

CBD Vape Juice

This is the act of inhaling vapor through the use of an electronic cigarette. CBD e-juice is heated by use of an electric cigarette and then inhaled, the cannabidiol and its related health benefits are then rapidly absorbed. Vaping is much less harmful than traditional smoking, and not to mention there are countless vape flavors that will surely satisfy your personal flavor pallet.

Bioavailability is the amount of CBD that actually stays in the system to perform its work. Oral consumption has a bioavailability of about 6%-15%. Meaning that for every 100 mg of CBD consumed, only 6-15 mg is retained and utilized by the body.

The liver conducts the first pass effect where it reduces the concentration of bioactive elements. To get around this problem, CBD needs to be made more soluble in water. Complicated processes can achieve this, but an extremely simple solution however is turning it into vapor.

Vaporizing CBD increases its bioavailability to about 50%, meaning that you do not need to take in too much for optimum benefit.

The effects are felt within thirty minutes of consumption. The great thing about this is that it will not test positive on a drug test, making it quite perfect for athletes looking to stray away from painkillers. They can relax their sore muscles with a remedy that will not get them kicked off the squad.

CBD vape is not without its own disadvantages, as the absorption can be inconsistent. There is no way to regulate the amount of CBD absorbed into the body. Therefore, one must check on the appropriate concentratation.

As with all forms of vaping, the issue of carcinogens is still prevalent in this case. There are many compounds involved in e-cigarette use. These compounds are called carcinogens and are hazardous to health.

CBD Capsules

Another option for you to pursue are CBD capsules. This option is great if you frequently travel or if you are looking for the ultimate discretion.

The dosage in this case is consistent. It is said to be impossible to overdose on these, and let alone CBD in general, as one can use this type of products as often as desired.

When considering CBD capsules, one should think about the method of extraction of the element. There should be no traces of metal whatsoever. The best method involves Carbon II Oxide.

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